Current Members

ISSA has Members and Friends in more than 60 countries. While ISSA offers membership and information-sharing to all interested individuals and organizations, ISSA's Full Members are non-governmental organizations, located primarily in Europe and Central Asia. Organisations may join ISSA as Full or Affiliate Members while individuals are invited to join as Friends of ISSA.

Below is a list of ISSA members by country and by category. Click on the name of the organization to see their contact details.



  Name of the Organisation City, Country Type of Membership
01 Qendra Hap pas Hapi Tirana, Albania Full Member
02 Step by Step Benevolent Foundation Yerevan, Armenia Full Member
03 SOS Children's Villages International Innsbruck, Austria Full Member
04 Center for Innovations in Education Baku, Azerbaijan Full Member
05 Promotion of Parents and Educators in Education Baku, Azerbaijan Full Member
06 United Aid for Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan Full Member
07 Belarusian Parents’ and Teachers’ League Step by Step Minsk, Belarus Full Member
08 Artevelde University College Gent, Belgium Full Member
09 Centre for Innovation in the Early Years  Gent, Belgium Full Member
10 Kind en Gezin Brussels, Belgium Affiliate Member
11 Child Care Center, City of Gent Gent, Belgium Affiliate Member
12 De Sloep, open house for parents with young children Gent, Belgium Full Member
13 Association "Society of United Civic Initiatives" Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Full Member
14 Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Full Member
15 For Our Children Foundation Sofia, Bulgaria Full Member
16 Step by Step Program Foundation Sofia, Bulgaria Full Member
17 Trust for Social Achievement Sofia, Bulgaria Full Member
18 Worldwide Orphans Foundation Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria Full Member
19 Open Academy Step by Step Zagreb, Croatia Full Member
20 Step by Step Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic Full Member
21 Hea Algus Tartu, Estonia Full Member
22 College Cooperatif Rhone-Alpes Lyon, France Full Member
23 Center for Educational Initiatives Tbilisi, Georgia Full Member
24 Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children, Youth and their Families Athens, Greece Full Member
25 Step by Step Program/Tipa Tipa Port-au-Prince, Haiti Full Member
26 Partners Hungary Foundation Budapest, Hungary Full Member
27 Association 21 July Rome, Italy Full Member
28 ABCittà Social Cooperative Milan, Italy Full Member
29 Step by Step Community Foundation Almaty, Kazakhstan Full Member
30 Kosova Education Center Pristina, Kosovo Full Member
31 Balkan Sunflowers  Pristina, Kosovo Full Member
32 Educational and Social Center SOS Kindergarten Pristina, Kosovo Full Member
33 Foundation for Education Initiatives Support Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Full Member
34 Center for Education Initiatives Jekabpils, Latvia Full Member
35 Center for Innovative Education Vilnius, Lithuania Full Member
36 4motion Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg Full Member
37 Step by Step Foundation for Educational and Cultural Initiatives of Macedonia Skopje, Macedonia Full Member
38 Multikultura Tetovo, Macedonia Full Member

NGO Kham

Delcevo, Macedonia Full Member
40 Step by Step Educational Program Chisinau, Moldova Full Member
41 Mongolian Education Alliance (NGO) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Full Member
42 Pedagogical Center of Montenegro Podgorica, Montenegro Full Member
43 Aflatoun Child Saving International Amsterdam, the Netherlands Full Member
44 Learning for Well-being Foundation Amsterdam, the Netherlands Full Member
45 Bureau MUTANT Wageningen, the Netherlands Full Member
46 ChildCare International Lettele, the Netherlands Full Member
47 Foundation for Quality in Childcare Utrecht, the Netherlands Full Member
48 Fysio Educatief B.V. Amsterdam, the Netherlands Full Member
49 International Child Development Initiatives Leiden, the Netherlands Full Member
50 Netherlands Youth Institute Utrecht, the Netherlands Full Member
51 Sardes Utrecht, the Netherlands Full Member
52 Stichting Jeugd en Samenleving Rijnland Leiden, the Netherlands Full Member
53 Stichting SoftTulip The Hague, the Netherlands Full Member  
54 Cultiva Kristiansand, Norway Full Member
55 Children's Global Network Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan Full Member
56 Comenius Foundation for Child Development Warsaw, Poland Full Member
57 Neohumanist Education Association Bucharest, Romania Full Member
58 Step by Step Centre for Education and Professional Development Bucharest, Romania Full Member
59 Research and Education Center "Biological and Social Foundations of Inclusion" St. Petersburg, Russia Affiliate Member
60 Russian Foundation for Education Development «Soobschestvo» St. Petersburg, Russia Full Member
61 Interesting Kindergarten Moscow, Russia Full Member
62 Association of Pedagogical Assistants of Serbia Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia Full Member
63 CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy Belgrade, Republic of Serbia Full Member
64 Group for Children and Youth "Indigo" Nis, Republic of Serbia Full Member
65 Romanipen Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia Full Member
66 Child at Street 11 Singapore Full Member
67 Wide Open School Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia Full Member
68 Association Mala ulica - Center for children and families in Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia Full Member
69 Step by Step Centre for Quality Education Ljubljana, Slovenia Full Member
70 Association «IRODA» Parents of children with autism initiatives Dushanbe, Tajikistan Full Member
71 Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation Tajikistan, Early Childhood Development Program Dushanbe, Tajikistan Full Member
72 Ruchidi Inclusia Dushanbe, Tajikistan Full Member
73 Mother Child Education Foundation – ACEV Istanbul, Turkey Full Member
74 Atiye Education Institutions Ankara, Turkey Full Member
75 Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation Kyiv, Ukraine Full Member
76 Helping Hand Uzhgorod, Ukraine Full Member
77 The University of Northampton, Early Years Division Northampton, United Kingdom Full Member