Early Childhood programs as the doorway to social cohesion: Application of Vygotsky's ideas from an East West perspective

As a peer reviewed, academic publication, this volume is meant to suggest ideas and build links between theory and practice, as well as to stimulate development of new thinking for successful implementation of quality early childhood education.

ISSA is grateful to have had the opportunity to collect in this volume voices from the CEE/CIS region (including from among the ISSA network itself) alongside the voices of peers from the West and Asia. Authors contributing to the volume come from Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Singapore, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The volume, created at the initiative of ISSA with generous financial support from the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, was edited by Aija Tuna, ISSA Program Specialist (The Netherlands/Latvia) and Jacqueline Hayden, Professor of Early Childhood and Social Inclusion, Macquarie University (Australia).