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Working with its wide network of members and partners, ISSA has built up extensive expertise in delivering trainings, online courses and other professional development programs. Upon request, ISSA offers a diverse menu of training, mentoring, consulting services and materials to support educators, child care centers, schools, parents, communities, teacher training institutions, donors and policymakers. The training can be delivered either in ISSA’s premises in the Child Rights Home in Leiden or in other locations, depending on the requests of the contracting agency. 

The REYN Training on Quality in Early Childhood Services was a great experience. Unforgettable! We all are enriched with new knowledge, new motivation for our work, new ideas on how to deal with challenges, new contacts of peers to whom we can turn. I came back home inspired and ready to face all the new challenges in my work for children. 
Participant in one of the ISSA's trainings (Bulgaria)    

Upon request, ISSA offers online courses or in-person trainings for early childhood education and care professionals, administrators, parents, staff of international organizations and other stakeholders. The training courses can be offered in several languages and will be tailored to the needs of participants.

ISSA offers online courses and trainings in the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Quality in Early Childhood Education
  • Quality in Home Visiting Services
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Second Language Learning

I love ISSA’s Online Course! I want every early childhood educator I know to take it, so they may learn, understand, and embrace the practices that ISSA values. These are principles that I believe in, try to uphold, and promote, so it is exciting to think of so many countries embracing the same goals, and adapting them in ways that are culturally relevant.
Friend of ISSA (USA)

If you would like to explore the possibility of ISSA delivering a training for your organization, please contact Mihaela Ionescu at