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Are you an organisation working in Early Childhood Development?

ISSA unites and supports organizations to deliver high-quality early years services to all children. We are a meeting point for all those working at the cutting-edge of Early Childhood Development (ECD) who are committed to the well-being, development and future life-chances of all young children.

Do you share ISSA’s vision of a society where all families, communities and professionals work together to empower each child to reach their unique potential and embrace values of social justice and equity?

Reasons to join ISSA

ISSA provides opportunities for enriching members’ capacity to carry out programs with practical help and technical support.

Capacity Building Services:

  • Members share learning and experience via the Peer Learning Activities (PLA)
  • Access to the latest knowledge and research
  • Thematic meetings
  • Workshops
  • Access to ISSA’s Annual Conference

Members are kept up to date with latest news and trends in ECD

Information Sharing:

  • Electronic package of ISSA’s publications
  • Access to an extensive library of resources at ISSA’s Online Community
  • Electronic Newsletters and Member Updates

ISSA Members share their unique and extensive experience and collaborate

Collaboration and Joint Fundraising:

  • Discover new partners for projects
  • Increase you impact and visibility across the network
  • Collaborate and share best practices
  • Explore together funding opportunities

As a major European ECD network, ISSA's membership stretches across the globe to Central Asia and beyond making ISSA a significant player in the global arena. By joining ISSA, members benefit from having a direct influence on and connections with global ECD activities.

Partnership Building and Visibility: 

ISSA is home to:

  • Early Years Regional Alliance (EYRA)
  • Romani Early Years Network (REYN)
  • Early Childhood Workforce Initiative

Who can join ISSA?

ISSA invites non-profit organizations, academic and educational entities, foundations and associations with an interest in early childhood development to join as Full Members.

  • Full Members have voting rights to all ISSA’s elected bodies. ISSA’s Council consists of Full Members and influences ISSA by designing programs, setting priorities and voting on strategy and policy. Full Members are encouraged to participate in the governance of the organization by voting for and serving on the Board, Program Committee, Membership Committee and other bodies. Full Members also receive discounts on specific services, such as the Annual Conference.
  • Affiliate Members (non-voting) is reserved for governmental bodies only. Affiliate Members do not have voting rights, but are encouraged to attend ISSA Council Meetings.

Membership Fees

ISSA’s membership fee is based on the annual income of the organization applying to join, and is determined by the previous year’s financial report.

Membership fee categories are as follows:

Full Members

Affiliate Members

Budget under 250,000                                    EUR 250

Budget between 250,000 – 500,000                EUR 500

Budget over 500,000                                     EUR 700

250 EUR for organizations with budget under 250,000 EUR

500 EUR for organizations with budget above 250,000 EUR


If you have any questions or would like to join, email our Membership Officer

Eva Izsak:


Join now and become part of a dynamic international community, working to make quality services accessible to all young children!