National Networks

Under the wider umbrella of the Romani Early Years Network, new networks at national level have been founded in Ireland, Hungary, Slovakia, Kosovo, Croatia and Slovenia. Whereas the international network serves as an arena for professionals to share their knowledge at a broader level, these initiatives focus on the local perspective of the daily work with Romani communities and families. They are a very valuable platform for Romani and Traveller practitioners to receive support and training in their own language and to meet other members of the national group, offering an equal access to the REYN network and bringing the chance to share experiences at all levels. REYN recognizes the right of all practitioners to acquire quality professional training and skills-sharing, following the principle of equality that already guides all REYN’s work towards the Romani and Traveller communities across Europe. 

The current national initiatives are:

Ireland - T-REYN (the Irish Travellers - Romani Early Years Network)

Hungary - REYN Hungary -  

Kosovo- K-RAE-EYN (the Kosovo Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian Early Years Network)

Slovenia- S-REYN (the Slovenian Romani Early Years Network)

Slovakia - REYN-Slovakia

Croatia - REYN Croatia