Parwaan Pakistan is gearing up youth social entrepreneurship and early childhood care and education

26/04/2017- Parwaan National Centre of Excellence on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) organized an open house event ‘Parwaan Ka Karawaan’ to celebrate the success of its flagship youth social entrepreneurship and early childhood care and education program.

The Parwaan Preschool program is an innovative social entrepreneurship model that engages youth and builds their capacities to utilize their potential in imparting early childhood education to children from marginalized communities.The open house event was attended by educationists, government and civil society members, early childhood development experts, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and a large number of youth and children. The event held true to the spirit of uniqueness, learning and sharing that the model encompasses, with children and entrepreneurs actively participating in it. The jubilant social entrepreneurs shared their journey from the training phase till setting up of their successful ventures – detailing how Parwaan provided them with a source of income, not only allowing them to improve their socio-economic status but also giving them an opportunity to give back to their communities in terms of providing the all-important early childhood care and education facilities to the children of their very own communities.

Parwaan Ka Karawaan open house was all about children. The preschoolers from Parwaan ECCE centers enthralled the audience with their captivating performances by singing poems and rhymes they learnt at their ECCE centers and depicted their preschool activities. An insightful panel discussion lead by President Parwaan on commitments and innovations in ECCE in Pakistan – comprising leaders in NGO management, social entrepreneurship and education was geared to motivate youth to take control of their own destiny and help themselves, their community and the government in ensuring that the future generation is healthy, prepared and ready for both school and society.

Parwaan also launched the global 5for5 campaign in Pakistan (#5for5Parwaan) – a movement to create awareness on ECCE and to garner support and commitment of all stakeholders to advocate for children below the age of 5, who are left out from mainstream policy discourse.  


Scaling up Parwaan Preschool Program

Parwaan Pakistan now makes a wide stride – in line with its vision of establishing 0.5 million ECCE centers across Pakistan by 2030 and to ensure access and provision of quality early childhood care and education to all children, Parwaan is now scaling up its tested social entrepreneurship and ECCE model whereby 1000 youth will be skilled to establish ECCE s across Pakistan, benefiting more than 25,000 children under age 5 during 2017-18.  

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