The Romani Early Years Network - REYN - is part of and managed by ISSA in partnership with the Open Society Foundations’ Roma ‘Kopaçi’ Initiatives within the Early Childhood Program, London. 

REYN currently connects more than 450 individual early childhood practitioners from different backgrounds who work with Romani and Traveller children, their families and communities in 32 countries across Europe, the Caucasus and the Americas.

REYN promotes anti-discrimination, respect for diversity and equality throughout professional practices and strives to ensure equity for Romani and Traveller families and children through access to high-quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) services.

ISSA believes that practitioners working directly with children and families are key to promoting social justice and inclusion and REYN intends to build their capacity to become agents for change. That is why, above all, REYN is an inspiring and safe learning community which enables ECD practitioners to improve their confidence and competences, gain recognition for their work and speak with a united voice on behalf of young Romani and Traveller children, their families and communities.

REYN has set up national networks in nine countries: Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Kosovo, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Serbia and Slovenia - and more are planned for the future.

All practitioners serving Romani and Traveller young children and their families are welcomed to join REYN

REYN aims to:

  • Support the development of skills and good practice
  • Share knowledge drawn from experiences of working effectively with Romani families and young children
  • Establish effective partnerships between Roma and other practitioners working with young Roma children
  • Support professional development for those working with these marginalized and excluded groups

For more information about REYN: The beliefs and values which underpin the work of the network are reflected in the REYN Manifesto.  Also available are versions of the REYN Manifesto in Romanes dialects: Rumungricko-Arlisko and Vlaxicko Boldimo




REYN members are invited to take part in training, study visits and professional development courses sharing their experiences and initiatives with other professionals through interactive blogging, webinars, social media groups and conferences. REYN members have access to the resources and services available to ISSA’s members and ISSA friends on the ISSA Online Community.

If you are interested in joining our vibrant network, click here.