Foundation “Step by Step” – Macedonia celebrated its 15th birthday!

ISSA Secretariat and members express their heartfelt congratulations to Step by Step Macedonia on the 15th anniversary of their foundation.

Over the last 15 years Step by Step Macedonia have been creating programs to help children reach their full potential and encouraging democratic processes in the education of children, young people and adults.

Peer Learning with ISSA

ISSA is a learning community powered by its members and every year we give our members an exclusive opportunity to learn from each other directly.

ISSA's Peer Learning Activities are considered as high valued by the membership and 2015 was the most succesful and ambitious year to date.

Facilitated by ISSA, 25 member organizations across 18 countries united at events throughout the year to share their knowledge and further develop their learning strategies.

ISSA Conference 2016 - Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change

Societies across the globe are experiencing rapid changes which affect children, their families and the practitioners working alongside them. Living as we do in a more interconnected and interdependent world, the stability of our economies and societies are impacted by factors beyond our borders; the effects of conflict, climate change and epidemics in once remote countries can now have repercussions in local communities.

ISSA welcomes a new member

ISSA is happy to announce its newest member NGO KHAM DELCHEVO from Macedonia.

NGO KHAM is a civic association which assists by informing, educating and influencing policies and the provision of services that help Roma people and other marginalized groups assert their rights to health care and to ensure a better education and economic status.