In Europe and North America, the arrival of heightened numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in recent years has challenged the ability of governments and service providers to both meet initial reception needs and provide effective long-term integration services.


Playing, reading and drawing is highly beneficial for the development of young children. TOY for Inclusion supports learning and playing for all children between 0 and 8 years old thanks to the creation of Play Hubs in 7 European countries.


Take note of this great news brought to ISSA by the UNICEF Education Team!


Recently, ISSA’s Program Director, Mihaela Ionescu was interviewed by Primeros Pasos about the integrated services approach.


A new publication from the OECD entitled Teachers as Designers of Learning Environments: The Importance of Innovative Pedagogies has used the knowledge and experience of the ISSA network. 


In interaction with external parties about the caring and upbringing of young children, Dutch fathers often feel neglected. And it turns out that, in fact, they are.


Associazione 21 Luglio is organizing new magical experiences for children and parents attending the “Scuolina” (little school), in Rome.


Take a look at our Resource Modules for Home Visitors: Supporting Families for Nurturing Care in the globally focused ZERO TO THREE journal.


A new, practical guide shows early years professionals how to create supportive environments for young children who have faced adverse experiences.


In response to the needs of vunerable families, The City of Ghent Child Care Unit has created an innovative solution—a POP UP childcare center.