Programs and Services


Quality inte ECEC services are key to improving children's learning outcomes in absolute terms and relative to other groups. For the most disadvantaged groups, high quality early childhood services can make a tremendous difference in reducing the disparities in the learning outcomes.

ISSA Services

As a membership association, ISSA focuses on nurturing the network’s capacity, knowledge and experience, thus strengthening ISSA as a growing learning community. ISSA offers the following services to support its members and to pursue its mission:


The Romani Early Years Network (REYN) connects practitioners from Romani, Traveller and other backgrounds working with Romani and Traveller young children, families and communities. The network is already active in 18 European countries with more and more being added.

Early Years Regional Alliance

The Early Years Regional Alliance is a forum for improved coordination among development partners in Europe and Central Asia, and for joining forces to advance the early childhood agenda at the regional and national levels.