Quality Resource Pack

The culmination of many years of work in defining and promoting quality pedagogy, ISSA’s Quality Resource Pack proposes a practice-research-policy blended approach to quality, enabled by various tools that can be used with practitioners, pre- and in-service trainers, supervisors, parents and policy makers. 
The package is grounded in the ISSA’s Competent Educators for the 21st Century, a policy document that proposes ISSA’s Definition of Quality Pedagogy.

The Quality Resource Pack is a comprehensive set of tools, which aims to:

Date: 22-10-2018

NEWS - Malawi ECD Coalition joins forces with ISSA

For the first time in ISSA’s near twenty year’s history, we are joined by a coalition that operates from Africa.

Date: 30-08-2018

NEWS - University College Dublin joins ISSA’s ranks

School of Computer Science is involved in ADHD research program.

Study on the implementation of ISSA's Pedagogical Standards (2001-2008)

The study examines the role of the Standards as they were implemented through certification, mentoring, training for staff development and as part of broader initiatives for improving quality of preschool and primary school care and education.

The outcomes are documented in terms of how the standards influenced three levels of implementation: individual teacher practice, educational systems and school and community culture, and national policy. The final results of the study:

Under-three Year Olds in Policy and Practice

ISSA’s Program Director Mihaela Ionescu and Program Specialist Dawn Tankersley have contributed to the first book in the new Springer series, Under-three Year Olds in Policy and Practice.

A Quality Framework for Early Childhood Practices in Services for Children Under Three Years of Age: Starting Regionally – Moving Globally, describes both the process of and need for developing such a framework.

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) for children from disadvantaged backgrounds: Findings from a European literature review and two case studies


A new report launched by the European Commission includes a case study exploring the work of ISSA’s network and of the Open Society Foundations (OSF): OSF/ISSA Approaches to Teacher Training and Pedagogy. The case study was written by Dawn Tankersley (ISSA Program Expert) and Sarah Klaus (Director, Early Childhood Program, Open Society Foundations).

Read ISSA's Principles of Quality Pedagogy: Quality Early Childhood Education and Care Through Democratic Processes

How do ISSA's Quality Principles relate to the democratic process?

Read ISSA's Principles of Quality Pedagogy: Quality Early Childhood Education and Care Through Democratic Processes as featured in the first edition of the Learning for Well being online journal, published, January 2016.

You can read the full article here