Date: 22-10-2018

NEWS - Malawi ECD Coalition joins forces with ISSA

For the first time in ISSA’s near twenty year’s history, we are joined by a coalition that operates from Africa.

Date: 13-09-2018

NEWS - ISOTIS makes the case for inter-agency work

A new publication from the ISOTIS project focuses on successful inter-agency work for lower socioeconomic status, immigrant and Romani Families in Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal and the UK.

Date: 28-08-2018

NEWS - Comparative Study of 'Urban Spaces to Support Parents'

Around the world, an important movement in the development of Early Years services is the growing understanding of the holistic role a city plays in the life of children and their caregivers.

Date: 27-08-2018

NEWS - Reluctant parents? CEI knows: Come time, come play.

Latvian Center of Education Initiatives knows about Parent Involvement.

Date: 19-07-2018

INTERVIEW - Bozidar Nikolic: 'I realized that I had to fight for the integration of Roma.'

Bozidar Nikolic is a Pedagogical Assistant from Serbia, a big, fun guy. For 17 years he has been working to improve the education of Roma children in his own country.

Date: 16-07-2018

NEWS - LINC Ireland Seeks Program Reviewer ECEC

Award winning program is looking for an External Expert Quality Assurance Review and Report.

Date: 24-05-2018

NEWS - REYN Advocates visit Roma Settlement in Sofia

The coordinator of REYN Bulgaria, Trust for Social Achievement (TSA), organized a grand meeting and see through in the Fakulteta Settlement outside Sofia. Fakulteta is one of the largest Roma settlements in Europe.

NESET II Analytical Report

NESETII report on Professional Learning Communities is produced by VBJK in Ghent, Belgium. The complex multi-diverse societies in which we live, make it impossible today to find standardized solutions for all families/children. Therefore new competences like negotiation and reflection need to be integrated with additional forms of continues professional development (CPD) that focus on the active and democratic participation of staff. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a valuable answer in this direction.

Roma Empowerment and Support for Inclusion report - Synthesis report of the Case Studies in Ghent, Belfast and Rome – Policy Recommendation

Based on the information provided in the three case studies around the projects funded by Bernard van Leer Foundation and implemented by partner organizations in Belfast, Ghent and Rome, this report shows the key findings in the studies. It summarises the cross-national issues consolidated around four areas: 1. Parenting support; 2. Children’s access to quality early childhood services; 3. Influencing public awareness on Roma inclusion and early childhood development; 4. Capacity building and empowerment of Roma actors.

Roma Empowerment and Support for Inclusion – Case study Rome, Italy

The case study on Rome, Italy focuses on two projects, Sar San(1 and 2) and Stop Roma Apartheid (continued as Aver Drom) implemented by Associazione Luglio 21 Onlus from Rome and ABCitta Societa Cooperativa Sociale Onlus from Milan.