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VVOB Education for Development

VVOB Education for Development
+32 (0) 22090 799
Geographical Focus
National levelRegional levelInternational level
Type of organisation
International organisation
Main Activity Type
Capacity BuildingResearch and knowledge
Quality PedagogySocial inclusion special needs
Targeted Age Groups
Three to SixSix to TenTen+
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EducatorsManagers of servicesHigher education staffStudentsIn-service training providers


VVOB strives for a sustainable world based on equal opportunities through quality education. We achieve this by offering technical assistance and by developing relationships between education organisations in developing countries, Flanders and Europe. Exchanging experiences, developing education expertise and raising awareness about the importance of education for development, nurture these relations.

We contribute to more internal and external solidarity in developing countries, Flanders and Europe by strengthening support for quality education as an engine for development and equal opportunities. We offer structural solutions in the form of technical assistance that develops the capacity of the government and local education authorities. This mainly concerns departments in the ministries of education and institutions that provide professional development opportunities to teachers and school leaders.

We achieve sustainable results by:
• aligning our activities with the local education policy.
• developing the educational expertise of local institutions with know-how from, and through exchange with, our network of ducation partners.
• stimulating cooperation between educational institutions across borders, and between the private sector and the education sector.


Date: 11-12-2018

NEWS - Keeping Preschoolers safe from Gender Stereotypes in Vietnam

A study by the government of Vietnam and the UN showed that more than half of women in Vietnam – 58 percent – had suffered domestic violence at least once in their lifetime, whether physical, sexual or emotional.

Date: 23-03-2018

Gender equality starts in the early years

Girls are 1.5 times more likely than boys to be excluded from school, damaging their chances to succeed later in life. VVOB and FAWE aim to change this statistic. 

Date: 26-02-2018

ISSA welcomes three new member organizations

We are happy to introduce three new member organizations that joined ISSA recently: VVOB – Education for Development (Belgium), Dreamland Primary School (Romania) and Know How Center (Serbia).