UNICEF invites those whom are interested to apply for a consultancy contributing to a better understanding of low kindergarten attendance in a high income country.  Research has repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of early childhood education, particularly for children coming from margin


During New Year’s celebrations at school at our Resource Centre we had a guest visitor from the Education Department. Near the end she came up to me and asked me: ‘Where are your children?’ I was confused and didn’t know if she was asking about my own children.


A Cirle of Friends training took place near Zagreb this summer as Open Academy Step by Step invited 20 participants to share their knowledge on this highly effective approach.


Integrated systems is a complex term; don’t let the name put you off.


One of Artevelde University students who was doing an internship in a childcare center, was addressed by a mother.


The ‘TOY for Inclusion' Toolkit is a helpful reader for all child care professionals who want to set-up play spaces for children, families and communities.


We are pleased to share all the data on the annual ISSA Council Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia on the 27th of October 2018.


Should we or should we not teach young children about the historical persecution of Roma? If yes, the 'Final Solution' imposed on Roma by Nazi Germany on 2 August 1944 should be remembered in schools.


Integrated systems is a complex term; don’t let the name put you off.


The Childcare Unit of the City of Ghent is currently investigating several opportunities for a Peer Learning Activity which is to be called 'Methods for a Competent Early Childhood System.'