Date: 11-04-2016

The World Bank's first Annual Spring Meeting to discuss ECD

The World Bank’s Annual Spring Meeting will for the 1st time, in its history since 1946, host a session on ECD. The Spring Meetings are a global forum where Ministers of Finance and Treasury gather to discuss key issues of global development. On Thursday April 14th, UNICEF and World Bank will co-host a flagship event "ECD: Smart Beginnings for Economies on the Rise". This is a historical moment for ECD, which has been made possible due to the incredible efforts and advocacy of networks and agencies, such as ISSA. At this event we will be able to advocate directly to the finance sector about the importance of considering young children's early development as a foundational strategy for economic growth and prosperity. It is hoped that the joint call by Mr. Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF and Dr. Kim, President of the World Bank, to create a global movement for ECD will reach as far and wide as possible -- so as to kick off a possible global alliance to give every child a fair chance to life, from the start. If you would like to be part of the meeting and follow the live webinar, register here.