Date: 03-02-2015

DECET conference: No Quality without Equality

The call for papers for the international DECET conference in collaboration with Newman University has been released. The conference will take place in Birmingham, UK, from Wednesday, 3rd to Friday 5th June, 2015. The conference theme addresses the ongoing debate about ‘quality’ in early childhood from a perspective of diversity, equality and social justice: No Quality without Equality. Louise Derman-Sparks, Anti-Bias activist and scholar, USA, Deepa Grover, UNICEF, Geneva and Peter Thatchell, Human Rights Activist, UK are the confirmed keynote speakers of the conference. The conference website is: There will also be an announcement and link on the DECET website<applewebdata://9BCA2CB2-D55B-4EF8-BB2B-86CD47942884/ More information is available in the conference flyer and in the proposal submission form.