Date: 05-09-2018

NEWS - Early Moments Matter: UNICEF's Easy Online Parenting Guide

UNICEF has released an easy to access knowledge portal for anyone involved with children, childcare and parenting aid. The portal states: ‘We all want what's best for our children, but being a parent isn't always easy.’

No, it's not and we all know it.

UNICEF’s new service includes useful films, insights and fun facts about babies and young children in general. Even a clip with Grover of Sesame Street and a short film with David Beckham has been included.

The portal notably brings together some of the world’s leading baby experts to help with everyday issues regarding baby development, care, health, food & nutrition. The total of short films is very well suited for all types of audiences, images are strong and convincing and the language is just common sense.

Parenting help made easy, so to say… have a look yourself. (And to see Grover in action immediately, click HERE)