Date: 19-12-2016

Empowering civil society: 11 Peer Learning Activities organized in 2016

Tags: ISSA news

ISSA’s Peer Learning Activities (PLAs) offer a unique opportunity for ISSA members to learn from each other experiences, grow their knowledge and strengthen ISSA as a learning community. Each year ISSA members can apply for funding and organize their own PLA to share best practices with their peers in different countries. ISSA is committed to making membership exchange and knowledge flourish. Over the course of 2016, we have supported 11 Peer Learning Activities (PLAs) of our 23 members in 20 countries. “PLAs become small learning communities; people from different countries start working together and can easily continue this collaboration in the future” said Ana del Barrio Saiz, Trainer and Consultant who co-lead a PLA in November 2016. Members from five different countries joined the activity organized by Bureau MUTANT and VBJK in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to learn about the European Quality Framework (EQF) for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). Over the years, ISSA members have benefitted from network building relationships, witnessed best practices, and worked together to put high-quality and equitable Early Childcare Development services at the heart of communities, schools and governments. Members have said that the PLA are a perfect reflection of ISSA’s values; quality, diversity, community and learning. The range of topics covered and the results clearly demonstrate the advantages of being a member of ISSA – an international learning community powered by its members! All the Peer Learning Activities are financially supported by ISSA. If you would like to participate, we invite you to Join ISSA.