The strength of ISSA as a learning community lies in the expertise and diversity of its members, as well as their active engagement. ISSA harnesses this diversity through Peer Learning Activities.

ISSA’s member organizations have diverse theoretical expertise in various areas of Early Childhood Development as well as practical experience in project implementation, advocacy or organizational development. This diversity enhances knowledge transfer among individual members when exploring new initiatives or enriching existing programs in their countries.

All ISSA members can benefit from Peer Learning Activities, to build their capacity and deepen their knowledge of best practices. All Peer Learning Activities (PLAs) are financially supported by ISSA with financial or in-kind contributions from members.


Members consider PLAs one of the greatest benefits of their membership


 Mateja Rezek, Slovenia

"It was powerful experience, to define key elements of success of our network. It reminded us, where our roots are."

In 2017, ten inspiring Peer Learning Activities took place

These sessions were organized by 38 ISSA member organizations, either as applicants or co-applicants.     

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