Date: 23-05-2018

NEWS - Nurturing Care Framework launched at World Health Assembly

The Resource Modules for Home Visitors: Supporting Families for Nurturing Care from UNICEF ECARO & ISSA are launched for the Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development.

Date: 08-05-2018

Consultant (Ukraine) wanted for development Transitional Models

ISSA member, Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, seeks a consultant to focus on transitional models from early childhood intervention to inclusive early education

Date: 08-05-2018

Liana Ghent - 'European Quality Framework within Arm’s Length'

Leiden – 8 May 2018 – For the first time, ISSA is offering the European Quality Framework as a training. Last year ISSA organized a very successful Peer Learning Activity about the Framework for their member organizations.

Date: 18-04-2018

Sardes launches new publication on caring fathers

In interaction with external parties about the caring and upbringing of young children, Dutch fathers often feel neglected. And it turns out that, in fact, they are.

Date: 18-04-2018

A day at the “Scuolina” with young children in Italy

Associazione 21 Luglio is organizing new magical experiences for children and parents attending the “Scuolina” (little school), in Rome.

Date: 22-03-2018

Large-scale research study focuses on Early Childhood Development in Bulgaria

Early Childhood Development (ECD) can create more stable, cohesive and more equal societies. For Our Children Foundation, has published a large-scale research study on ECD in Bulgaria which emphasizes just that.

Quality of Early Childhood Education Services

This report resulted from a consultancy carried out for UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia by Jan Peeters from VBJK, one of our members in Belgium. The report was commissioned based on the findings and recommendations of the 2014 Multi-Country Evaluation (MCE) on Increasing Access and Equity in Early Childhood Education carried out by UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. The MCE covered all UNICEF activities related to advancing Early Learning and School Readiness (ELSR) efforts for children in the 3-6 year age group and covered the period 2005 to 2012.


The project INTESYS – Together: Supporting vulnerable children through integrated early childhood services is aimed at advancing the policies and practices in early childhood services towards more and better integration in early childhood education and care (ECEC) systems across Europe. The intention is to provide opportunities, especially for children and families from vulnerable groups, to benefit from high quality early childhood services.


Study on the implementation of ISSA's Pedagogical Standards (2001-2008)

The study examines the role of the Standards as they were implemented through certification, mentoring, training for staff development and as part of broader initiatives for improving quality of preschool and primary school care and education.

The outcomes are documented in terms of how the standards influenced three levels of implementation: individual teacher practice, educational systems and school and community culture, and national policy. The final results of the study:

Date: 11-01-2018

Global Business Summit on Early Childhood: registration open

Registration is openen now for the 2018 ReadyNation Global Business Summit on Early Childhood. This summit will convene hundreds of business leaders from around the world in New York City at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on November 1-2. The Summit will

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