Date: 11-01-2019

ISSA Conference 2019 - We're Calling for Proposals!

The ISSA Conference is the key Early Childhood Development conference in Eurasia. It brings together some 450 participants from over 50 countries.

Date: 17-05-2019

What’s on the cutting-edge of male caregiver’s involvement in the early years

The ISSA Conference brings you to resources on the cutting-edge of the ECD field. Take a look at what the ISSA Conference 2019 has to offer on some emerging topics.

Date: 16-05-2019

Announcing the ISSA Conference Program

This year's ISSA Conference will bring you the most innovative approaches, tools, research from the early childhood development field. Access the full program.

Date: 13-05-2019

Nine Events You do not want to Miss in June

Ahead of the exciting early years conference hosted in Leiden this June, we have selected of the most interesting workshops offered on June 17th. Come learn with us!

Date: 10-05-2019

NEWS - Pre-Conference Workshop on Video-Feedback Intervention with Leiden University

Do you want to learn more about the evidence-based, preventive intervention program Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD)? Join the workshop ‘Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline'.

Date: 09-05-2019

NEWS - Marking Father's Day with Gender Equity in Parenting Workshop

Oak Foundation and ISSA are celebrating Fathers' Day with a workshop on the importance of male caregiver involvement for young children's wellbeing.

Date: 08-05-2019

NEWS - Where Local Practice meets Global Reality

ISSA Conferences create a platform for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue, learning and networking. Participants of past ISSA Conferences share...

Date: 06-05-2019

NEWS – Volunteer Opportunities at the ISSA Conference 2019

We’re looking for looking for volunteers for ISSA’s International Conference Nurturing Environments for the Wellbeing of young Children and their Families.

Date: 06-05-2019

NEWS - See the City from the Height of Child

Missed the webinar focused on building the kinds of cities in which young children and their families thrive? Here is an opportunity to learn more at the ISSA Conference.

Date: 02-05-2019

INTERVIEW - Dominique Hudicourt on the ISSA Conference

Dominique Hudicourt, director of TIPA TIPA Foundation in Haiti, rarely skips an ISSA Conference. She tells us why as the ISSA Conference 2019 approaches.