Are you an organization working in Early Childhood Development?

ISSA unites and supports organizations promoting high-quality and equity in early years services. We are a vibrant network focused on improving Early Childhood Development (ECD) services. As a network, we are able to build a critical mass to contribute to the field of ECD.

Join us! Find out the benefits of ISSA membership:

We build capacity, a sense of community and increase visibility for our members. As a member,
• You will have access to the latest knowledge and research from the ECD field. 
• You will have increased visibility by sharing your news across platforms and social media channels.
• You can attend our thematic meetings and receive a discount for our international conference.
• You can attend professional development workshops and training.

We share knowledge. As a member,
• You will have access to an extensive library of resources developed by ISSA and its members.
• You can stay up to date about the latest ECD news and trends through electronic newsletters.
• You can learn about the activities of ISSA members.
• You can be the first to receive updates about international platforms hosted by ISSA such as Romani Early Years Network (REYN) and the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative.

We facilitate joint action. As a member,
• You can join forces with other ISSA members and collaborate in Peer Learning Activities.
• You can collaborate with ISSA via its extensive list of projects.
• You can discover new partners with whom to collaborate, share good practice and develop joint proposals.
• You can learn about new funding opportunities


Who can join ISSA?

ISSA invites non-profit organizations, academic and educational entities, foundations and associations with an interest in early childhood development to join as Full Members.

  • Full Members have voting rights to all ISSA’s elected bodies. ISSA’s Council consists of Full Members and influences ISSA by designing programs, setting priorities and voting on strategy and policy. Full Members are encouraged to participate in the governance of the organization by voting for and serving on the Board, Program Committee, Membership Committee and other bodies.
  • Affiliate Members Government departments, public bodies and other agencies ae invited to join as Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members do not have voting rights, but are encouraged to attend ISSA Council Meetings.

Membership is available to organizations with legal personality and to organizational categories as designated by the Council, who can demonstrate that they are able to meet the criteria outlined in ISSA’s Statutes and Internal Regulations. 

Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee with particular attention paid to the applicant’s adherence to ISSA’s values and potential to contribute to the goals of the ISSA network. 

Members are admitted following approval by the ISSA Board, to be ratified by the Council at the next Council Meeting. For more details on the criteria for membership and other membership issues, please review this document.

Annual Membership Fees

ISSA’s membership fee is based on the annual income of the organization applying to join and is determined by the previous year’s financial report.

Membership fee categories are as follows:

Full Members

Affiliate Members

Budget under 250,000                                     EUR 250

Budget between 250,000 – 500,000                EUR 500

Budget over 500,000                                       EUR 700

250 EUR for organizations with budget under 250,000 EUR

500 EUR for organizations with budget above 250,000 EUR


Apply for Membership


Guide to the application process


After the application is submitted, it is reviewed first by the Membership Committee and then by the ISSA Board. The decision of the Board is then ratified by the Council during the Council Meeting.

In case of additional questions, please contact our Membership Officer

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