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INTERVIEW – Leslie Falconer: ‘Peer Learning Activities address Complex Challenges’

Blessed with the opportunity to speak face to face with so many people from our member organizations at the Annual Council meeting, we took the opportunity to sit down and ask how things...

ISSA Conference 2019 - We're Calling for Proposals!

The ISSA Conference is the key Early Childhood Development conference in Eurasia. It brings together some 450 participants from over 50 countries.

WE'RE HIRING - ISSA Seeks Program Coordinator REYN

ISSA is hiring a Program Coordinator to support the development of the Romani Early Years Network


NEWS - Un Villagio per Crescere: Battling Educational Poverty

Recently, ISSA was joined by the Italian team behind social project Un Villaggio per Crescere (a village to thrive): an initiative aimed at improving parenting skills in...

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Supporting families of young children before birth and during child’s first years of life is of great importance and can result in life long benefits for children, communities, societies and nations. Home-visiting programs in particular have been found to increase parental well-being and parenting...

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A qualified workforce is crucial to enriching early childhood experiences