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Introducing InTrans: Every child has the right to a quality educational experience

In the last decade, transitions of children across the home environment, early childhood education, and care (ECEC) and compulsory school education (CSE) has gained attention both in academic and...

Shining a light on the family in times of crisis
This year, International Families Day looks very different. We use today to thank them for being a source of support for one another, and the children in their lives. 
Call for Action: Priority Actions for Decision Makers in Europe

Call for action for decision-makers to provide every child with the proper conditions to ensure protection and support in all aspects of life.

In memoriam Ruzanna Tsarukyan, Director of Step by Step Benevolent Foundation

With great sadness, we share that a beloved and treasured member of our network, Ruzanna Tsarukyan, has passed away.

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Support for Comprehensive Early Childhood Services - Primokiz Pilots       By using the well-established knowledge brought by the Primokiz approach together with the experience and results from the INTESYS project, ISSA continues to work on enabling policies and practices for building integrated...

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ISSA promotes equitable access to services for all children, especially for the most vulnerable.