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INTERVIEW - Bozidar Nikolic: 'I realized that I had to fight for the integration of Roma.'

Bozidar Nikolic is a Pedagogical Assistant from Serbia, a big, fun guy. For 17 years he has been working to improve the education of Roma children in...

NEWS - The Circle of Friends is for Child Healing and Support

Ibrahim always liked to talk, but when the topic of dinosaurs came up, he would speak passionately.

Peer Learning Activity - Peace in Your Hands

Children are born with a desire for peace. 'Peace in Your Hands' aims to encourage children, parents and teachers to realise: you can always find peace within yourself.

NEWS - LINC Ireland Seeks Program Reviewer ECEC

Award winning program is looking for an External Expert Quality Assurance Review and Report.


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Peer Learning Activity Peace in Your Hands
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Are you wondering what Integrated Early Childhood Systems are? High inequality in accessing and benefiting of early childhood services in Europe further disadvantage the most vulnerable groups: migrant children, Roma children, children with special needs, children living in poverty. Integrated...

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ISSA promotes professionalism and quality early childhood services for every child from birth to ten