Announcing the ISSA Conference 2019!

As is custom, the ISSA CONFERENCE 2019 will be packed with the latest learnings and insights from the Early Childhood Development field, offering two days of knowledge sharing, dialogue and networking. And there will be several pre-conference events for you to consider attending.

  • 17 June 2019  -  Pre-Conference Events with ISSA Partner Organizations
  • 18 & 19 June 2019  -  ISSA Conference 2019

We also look forward to hearing your stories from the field, and for this shared opportunity we warmly welcome you join our ranks next year in June. So don’t miss out and please save the dates!
Naturally we will share all topics, details and leisure programs in good time! We are compelled to create yet another experience to help take the next step forward in promoting child development across all domains and sectors!
Below, you will find a visual recap of 2017th succesfull event.

Three, pre-conference workshops kicked-off a week of knowledge sharing in Ghent. These workshops focused on integrated services in the early years, developing sustainability through fundraising and intervention packages to support nurturing care. The last workshop, was offered in partnership with WHO, UNICEF and Ankara University and provided an orientation on and general information about two intervention packages to support nurturing care: Care for Child Development (CCD) and the International Guide for Monitoring Child Development (GMCD). 

The first keynote speaker was Jan Peeters, Director of VBJK, Centre for Innovation in the Early Years at Ghent University, Belgium. In many ways, as the Director of the Ghent-based research center, Dr Peeters is the embodiment of the conference theme. His organization cooperates locally to help create competent early childhood systems. In his keynote address, he told stories about actors of change from around the globe with whom he worked – his pedagogical heroes. He described the competent system that motivates practitioners to provide high quality ECEC.

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